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Swimming Quotes

Instant champion ... just add water

Want to come in second? Follow me!

Swim cap - £6.00
Goggles - £20.00
Swim suit - £20.00
Team sweatshirt - £25.00
Seeing the looks on the faces of EVERY cocky kid after trying to swim a 100m fly - Priceless!

If my body is 70% water, then only 30% of me has to swim!

Butterfly n.
A swimming stroke requiring (in theory) super human strength and extraordinary co-ordination but characterized (in actuality) by randomly placed arm movements and erratic breathing patterns. Performance of this stroke is usually accompanied by incessant yelling on the part of the coach, sheer hysteria on the part of the parent and near drowning on the part of the swimmer.

I don't have a life ... I have a swimmer.

Why crawl when you can fly?

If I have but one day to live, please take me to a swim meet because they last forever.

Chlorine - fuel for swimmers.

The earth is 75% water - can you swim?

Excessive speed may result when submerged in water.

Are you lost?
Follow me to the wall.

No shirt, no shoes, no problem

They say a person can go 5 days without water
- not if you're a swimmer.

Got chlorine?

Instant swimmer - just add water

Swimmers excuse list:
I got a cramp
I didn't hear the start horn
The water is too cold
My goggles leaked
There's too much chlorine in the water
The water is too warm
I forgot my swim suit
I HATE that stroke
I am too tired
I don't feel well
I slipped on the block
My feet slipped on the turn

The only thing better than winning
is winning again

The real swim suit competition

Eat. Sleep. Swim.
Is there anything else?

Life is simple.
Eat. Sleep. Swim.

Swim like a shark or sink like a rock.

My wake
Your funeral

Swimming is a sport.
Everything else is just a game.

I am an athlete.
I am a swimmer.
I am a girl
And I'll rock your world.

The best things in life are free.
Back, breast and fly aren't bad either.

Alcatraz swim team

Slippery when wet.

Carpe lacus
Seize the pool

I'd rather be swimming

No time outs, no substitutions
It's now or never

IM does not mean instant messaging

In the pool there is no speed limit.
Slower traffic keep right.

It is not how far you swim in practice.
It is not how fast you swim in practice.
It is how far you swim fast in practice.

Seven days without swimming makes one weak

I put the STYLE in freestyle

It's a swim thing
You wouldn't understand

In the pool
life is cool
swimmers rule

Addicted to swimming

I lost 18 seconds on the Swim-Fast plan

Proud to be a swimmer

Have you hugged a swimmer today?

Proud citizen of Swim Nation

There is no "I" in Team,
but there is in Swimmer.

Steroid free swimming.
All natural.

I've been training mine off so I can kick yours.

In my alphabet there is no D,N or F

Thank goodness for swimming coaches

Swimming is life.
Accept no imitations.

2 FAST 4 U

What? This isn't a reasonable place to wear a Speedo?

Swimming - it does a body good.

Eat our bubbles.

Death before DNF

I was too cute to be a cheerleader so now I swim

If I had a dime for every time I've driven to the pool...